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February 2007

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And then there was.....kablooey?

Amazing introduction to AAT that was offered to me.  Joining one of the currently running games that has about a month to go.  I was pretty excited not having played Tradewars 2002 since my college years in 1995.  

Coming into the game was extraordinary!  The menus, the graphics!  Truly amazing.  Wandering around for the first couple hundred turns, checking things out and learning how to make money.  Soon I realized that in this game at least I was given enough money to buy an Endeavor type ship and proceeded to start trading and soon invested in a great small planet.  So ecstatic!

But doom always foreshadows.  

Out of the lurking darkness of space came an ominous shape and scanned the planet upon which I slept trusting on its hard earned level 20 defenses to protect me.  When I awoke I found myself floating amongst the debris and detritus of Sector 1.  My ship was gone, my planet was gone.  

I almost quit.  But I had been bitten by the Tradewars bug.  I came back 3 days later and discovered that Ace had been the agent of my downfall.  I met a player named Ardill that provided me with funds and generously provided me with SD's.

I kept checking the shoutbox and from it and my team members I found out that Ace and Ardill were at war.  After 2 weeks playing the game I had 13 very well developed planets in very well hidden sectors with many underlying subsectors.  While out hunting for a spot to colonize, I was again confronted with the all annoying Ace.  I was riding my Endeavor and did not stand a chance.  I decided it was time to get dirty.

I invested in a Stealth ship and followed Ace around for 2 days.  One of my teammates discovered one of his highly populated sector branches.  I searched until i found a sector with a shipdock and upgrades and with only one warp point heading into it.  I destroyed that warp point closing the sector in.  I opened up a one way warp into Ace's territory.  I created a planet and stocked it well.  Then I spent a good 2 hours stocking the sector with sd's just in case.  Then I went to work.

For all my work I'm only 3 weeks old in the game.  My proud excelsior sports only an average of level 36.  I could only carry 20mil of fighters/torps.  There were 3 planets with approximately 2bill each sd.  I nova bombed it repeatedly till i could knock the defenses down to a manageable size.  One of my teammates came in and began fortifying the sector while I assessed the zone of combat.  

He had 23 links to SG sectors here and he was pretty confident on his safety since I found credits in the trillions in all 3 planets.  I decided to nova bomb all the sectors.  My other teammate and I began bombing all the sectors.  He left but I continued taking out planets and sectors.

As I came out of one of the SG sectors I noticed ace had been there just then.  I went to 1 to remove my traces and went to my hidden sector where I'd made a oneway link to his.  I waited until he showed back in and I nova'ed him.  Two teammates came back and started chasing him and I continued taking sectors.  

He apparently lost his ship and could not reciprocate on the attacks.  His Guild Leader contacted me and warned me to stop attacking his guild.  I appraised him of the situation and he surprised me by being extremely gracious.  He agreed to have a talk with Ace and promised me no more attacks from EE.  Very gracious.  Specially when this player is number one on the rankings and could take me out in a good 30 minutes or so.  So I promised to be good, after all I just wanted to build my little planets and possibly get the big ship.....god that Invincible looks good.

So feeling good with myself I went to my planets and slept.  Today I awoke to find out Ardill had declared war on another guild and guess who OldWolf decided to start his campaign with?   17 planets gone, my refuge lies in the planets taken from Ace which I kept and which are deep in EE empire.  Ardill was good to me....and I'm loyal when I give my loyalty out.  But I guess its only for another month or so.....*sigh*  Its going to be a long month.

Post Date: Feb 13, 2007 - 9:49 pm